Project: O.O.G Reppin 4/4

O.O.G Reppin ( Original Oni Ganster Reppin) is a sticker project I have had in my mind since summer 2018. It is a 4 piece sticker project mixing my cultures together along with my NYC environment including it's cultures and the many personalities I've run into here.

kudos for you if you actually google the places spoken about in this blurb. Hope these stickers and info help you enjoy NYC culture with a nice twist..something that helps make your artist, me, flourish.


Meet Lock Jaw

Sha'quan Kobayashi is a mixed cultured oni, born and raised in the heart of Spanish Harlem. Unlike the other two Sha'quan is Japanese and Black American, he is a few generations in family wise. While his main parents are what they are in terms of heritage even they dont know much either. He doesn't know much about his culture other than being raised in NYC and what his parents are. That doesn't stop him. While proud of his heritage he is more proud of his upbringing, family, environment he was raised in, hard work that put him through his education, and loved ones all located in the mixing pot of NYC.

Sha'quan is coded Japanese and Black and while  there is an Asian and Black coded oni on the list already. Sha'quan represents all the mixed people who are of their culture but don't know much about it being generations in. Be it traditions, language, history you name it. It doesn't make you any less of what you are. You are not half of a culture you are both, you are full and more being 2 at once. An he is very proud of all.

It is beyond common for people generations in culture wise to not really know much of it. Does it make them anything less. Not at all!

This Oni is inspired by the Japanese hannya mask and the Chinese nuo demon mask. Put that together with his coding and you get  high intensity in looks!

Lock Jaw during the day works with  young teens, ah yes that's right he is a teacher! His majors being english and earth science. He's very dependable, devoted to his work and uplifting children through education. Growing in poverty with limited opportunities he vowed to not let that happen with future generations if he can help it. The children love him and if he misses a day of work due to being sick or has a day off the Teens will  ask "Where is Mr. Kobayashi??". He is very loved and treasured in his work environment not only by staff but kids alike.

On his off days he can be found either at Astor place or Brooklyn at "Games Work Shop".  He is an avid war-hammer 40k player. His team is Imperial fists and they are loyal to the emperor! He usually chills at "Games Work Shop" on the weekends with his buds painting his models or playing a quick kill team against other chapters to show his stuff. Try and meet up with him he'd be glad to give you some pointers on painting models or even help you fall in love with his hobby in a fun easy way.

Learn more of NYCs mixing pot and some fun subculture tidbits
in lore and as well as NYC stomping ground fun. through these guys.
Thank you for supporting this project to the end!