Project: O.O.G Reppin

O.O.G Reppin ( Original Oni Ganster Reppin) is a sticker project I have had in my mind since the summer of 2018. It is a 4 piece sticker project mixing my cultures together along with my NYC environment including its cultures and the many personalities I've run into here.

kudos to you if you actually google the places spoken about in this blurb. Hope these stickers and info help you enjoy NYC culture with a nice twist..something that helps make your artist, me, flourish.

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Meet the Bodega Haunt

A demonic cat-like entity inspired by the cat demons found in Japanese lore and the Chinese lore of possession by inhuman spirits. The Japanese inspiration is that of a bakeneko and the demonic possession within Chinese lore with demons. Mainly how form can change but retain old nature.

While not strict to that of the Japanese demon cat itself I took the liberty to make it more ghoul-like in order to haunt your average corner store.

It seems an inhuman spirit has possessed your bodega cat and you are left with this new being. A demonic cat that is very vengeful over well you guessed it, the bodega rats. Not to worry this demon is harmless to humans and still remembers its original store owner loyally so. This cat can be found haunting its corner store in search of rodents in order to protect the store's stock. Once a cat always a cat and once it was possessed continued its natural instinct.

Careful this cat has new tricks up its sleeves, it has a fiery nature and is known to appear and disappear at will. Try putting some fancy feast, money, and lit candle offerings at its altar, you may see it more physically during certain hours by doing this ritual.


Meet 2k Vice

Dwayne Morales, inspired by the culture I grew in from when I was a bab till now. This oni is color coded to be Puerto Rican/Haitian mix a common mix of Black and Hispanic in the Bronx. In the Bx, Hispanic culture is thriving and a huge hub of growth for other cultures they interact with, even for those of us not born into it. Try growing up here saying you don't know their foods, holidays, or speak some of the languages cause you ain't a true Bronxian.

 Dwayne or commonly known as the 24k vice due to his gold tusks and strong bite force. He is commonly found near the south Bronx areas with his boys.  Hop on the 2 train near the Yankee stadium areas and you're bound to bump into him! But don't let his intense face fool you. He is a master tattoo/body mod artist by day, loves to cook for friends, and babysits human kids on the weekends cause he loves children since he grew up in a big family. Though his durag doesn't get a break, since the kids he watches love to snatch it and run off with it to have him chase them down for fun. Just a typical life for our oni friend located in the belly of NYC.


Meet Piranha

D'andre Duong is a goth metalhead inspired by the alternative scene here in NYC. He can be found within the streets of St. Marks around Astor Place. Or for you New Yorkers, the village! The hub for all strange and alternative. You can actually catch this dude shopping at "Gothic Renaissance" or bar hopping at his fave dive bar the "Hard Swallow". 

This oni is color-coded Cambodian/ Jamaican. While seen to be an uncommon blend, Asian and Black culture is very deep-rooted and flourished within a mixing pot for centuries even before European interference. Though was seen more commonly from the 1800s till now. But many know otherwise. It is very common in Jamaica to see many Asian cultures mix within us. They are one of the highest population mixes there and throughout other islands. An even more in many poc cultures you wouldn't expect. As for our blue devil friend here, his culture leans to both southern Asian and the Caribbean.

This Oni is inspired by the common blue devil found in japan and the many devil-like creatures found in southern Asian culture during festivals. Put that together with his coding and you get a very eccentric combo in looks!

D'andre Duong or commonly known as Piranha due to his vibrant coloration and abnormal teeth for even most onis. Born and raised in Queens he can be found during the day working his usual 9 to 5 at a vintage mom and pops tea and bakery shop. He is a sweetheart to clients and knows his way around teas and other baked goods. His clients seem to love his lively upbeat attitude as well as asking about his many body mods. 

During his night life, he can be found in the village either at underground concerts, def poet jams, or at alternative parties hosted by "NYC Gotham". Don't let his imitating metalhead look fool you. He's a softy who gets shy if you ask to read his poems. Venture to his job he'll sneak you some free cookies with your order of tea.


Meet Lock Jaw

Sha'quan Kobayashi is a mixed-cultured oni, born and raised in the heart of Spanish Harlem. Unlike the other two Sha'quan is Japanese and Black American, he is a few generations in the family-wise. While his main parents are what they are in terms of heritage even they don't know much either. He doesn't know much about his culture other than being raised in NYC and what his parents are. That doesn't stop him. While proud of his heritage he is more proud of his upbringing, family, the environment he was raised in, hard work that put him through his education, and loved ones all located in the mixing pot of NYC.

Sha'quan is coded Japanese and Black and while there is an Asian and Black-coded oni on the list already. Sha'quan represents all the mixed people who are of their culture but don't know much about it being generations in. Be it traditions, language, the history you name it. It doesn't make you any less of what you are. You are not half of a culture you are both, you are full and more being 2 at once. An he is very proud of all.

It is beyond common for people from generations in culture wise to not really know much of it. Does it make them anything less. Not at all!

This Oni is inspired by the Japanese hannya mask and the Chinese nuo demon mask. Put that together with his coding and you get high intensity in looks!

Lock Jaw during the day works with young teens, ah yes that's right he is a teacher! His majors are English and earth science. He's very dependable, devoted to his work, and uplifting children through education. Growing in poverty with limited opportunities he vowed to not let that happen to future generations if he can help it. The children love him and if he misses a day of work due to being sick or has a day off the Teens will ask "Where is Mr. Kobayashi??". He is very loved and treasured in his work environment not only by staff but kids alike.

On his off days, he can be found either at Astor place or in Brooklyn at "Games Work Shop".  He is an avid war-hammer 40k player. His team is Imperial fists and they are loyal to the emperor! He usually chills at "Games Work Shop" on the weekends with his buds painting his models or playing a quick kill team against other chapters to show his stuff. Try and meet up with him he'd be glad to give you some pointers on painting models or even help you fall in love with his hobby in a fun easy way.

Learn more of NYCs mixing pot and some fun subculture tidbits
in lore and as well as NYC stomping ground fun. through these guys.
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