Project: O.O.G Reppin 2/4

O.O.G Reppin ( Original Oni Ganster Reppin) is a sticker project I have had in my mind since summer 2018. It is a 4 piece sticker project mixing my cultures together along with my NYC environment including it's cultures and the many personalities I've run into here.

kudos for you if you actually google the places spoken about in this blurb. Hope these stickers and info help you enjoy NYC culture with a nice twist..something that helps make your artist, me, flourish.

Meet 2k Vice

Dwayne Morales, inspired by the culture I grew in from when I was a bab till now. This oni is color coded to be Ruerto Rican/Haitian mix a common mix of Black and Hispanic in the Bronx. In the Bx, Hispanic culture is thriving and a huge hub of growth for other cultures they interact with, even for those of us not born into it. Try growing up here saying you don't know their foods, holidays, or speak some of the language cause you ain't a true Bronxian.

His Oni type is an inspiration between the noh masks of Japan and the festival masks of south east asian cultures more so found in Tibet. Making for an intense mash up in face and attributes when color coded.

 Dwayne or commonly known as the 24k vice due to his gold tusks and strong bite force. He is commonly found near the south Bronx areas with his boys.  Hop on the 2 train near the Yankee stadium areas and you're bound to bump into him! But don't let his intense face fool you. He is a master tattoo/body mod artist by day, loves to cook for friends, and baby sits human kids on the weekends cause he loves children since he grew in a big family. Though his durag doesn't get a break, since the kids he watches love to snatch it and run off with it to have him chase them down for fun. Just a typical life for our oni friend located in the belly of NYC.

Learn more of NYCs mixing pot and some fun subculture tidbits
in lore and as well as NYC stomping ground fun.
Stay tuned for the next 2 stickers of this set!