Project: O.O.G Reppin 1/4

O.O.G Reppin ( Original Oni Ganster Reppin) is a sticker project I have had in my mind since summer 2018. It is a 4 piece sticker project mixing my cultures together along with my NYC environment including it's cultures and the many personalities I've run into here.

kudos for you if you actually google the places spoken about in this blurb. Hope these stickers and info help you enjoy NYC culture with a nice twist..something that helps make your artist, me, flourish.

Meet the Bodega Haunt

A demonic cat like entity inspired by the cat demons found in Japanese lore and the Chinese lore of possession by inhuman spirits.The Japanese inspiration is that of a bakeneko and the demonic possession within Chinese lore with demons. Mainly how form can change but retain old nature.

While not strict to that of the Japanese demon cat itself I took the liberties to make it more ghoul like  in order to haunt your average corner store.

It seems an inhuman spirit has possessed your bodega cat and you are left with this ne being. A demonic cat that is very vengeful over well you guessed it, the bodega rats. Not to worry this demon is harmless to humans and still remembers its original store owner loyally so. This cat can be found haunting its corner store in search for rodents in order to protect the stores stock. Once a cat always a cat and once it was possessed continued its natural instinct.

Careful this cat has new tricks up its sleeves, it has a fire nature and is known to appear and disappear at will. Try putting some fancy feast, money and lit candle offerings at its alter, you may see it more physically during certain hours by doing this ritual.

Learn more of NYCs mixing pot and some fun subculture tidbits
in lore and as well as NYC stomping ground fun.
Stay tuned for the next 3 stickers of this set!