Hi yalls happy new years, I haven't made a personal post here in a bit but life has been killer the past year and honestly so has my IRL job. It has made me have very little time for art, commissions, and personal projects but such is life. I will be trying to find some balance this year for mainly personal projects/art and the occasional commission here and there once prior queue is finished.

But some new fun has been added to the site, I've added a archive which has art from what I could find of my prior high school years or  up until now, 2005-2018. 2016-2017 has to be filled in on my off days from work. Those years were my most productive in commissions, fan-art and personal concepts. So those will take a lot of time to organize and fix into the archive. I'm glad I could share my progression with you honestly and I feel good to see how I've evolved while still retaining my style after growing and seeing what works for me and what didn't. What a huge journey! And I hope to go through more this 2019!

Not to mention my website will be my main hub of updates, ideas ect since sites like tumblr are virtually dead to me and instagram/twitter/Da are just socializing sites just for art but every artist needs a home. Bout time I use my site as such.

For a life update, work work work that is beyond demanding 60-80 hours per 2 weeks but lol money, huge pay raise, and possible working up to management so //shrugs//. Been hanging out with werewolf boyfriend a lot on my off days while maintaining social connections both IRL and online.

An lastly today is a great day for me, merry birthmas to me, I'm officially 27 and I got work today gonna see if I can hound my manager to sing me happy birthday >:) He owes me for covering so many hours for call outs for the past 3 weeks GOTDAMMIT!! Then later a lovely date! I'm excited just a meal at yokocho and hookah as perusal with some doodling n smoke ♥

Later for now guys!

p.s Ive been spamming this song for like 3 days straight so good n magical!