Homie's universe concepts: Once known as simple travels (original 2012-2013)

Homie's universe is a remastered version of my 2012-2013 of Simple Travels.

Simple travels followed 3 demons in the old era found in the land of Níngjìng . The original artwork for them was of a twin tailed fox called Ganju (citrus), a inugami called Tonto, and a tanuki called Ki. The foundation of the story was to follow 3 demons on a quest to find Ganju's father who is the legendary 10 tailed fox. The same 10 tail fox who devastated the human priest temples of Níngjìng, due to the murder of his mate and assumed murder of his kit. The rumors of said beast only known by the hate of many humans through out this land fueled Ganju's curiosity to find her father and reunite with him. Also her want to calm her fathers ferocity after growing among humans safely.

The 3 demons go through wacky quests, finding friends, enemies and frenemies/rivals through out their journey. On said quests each character opens up about their past while the viewer finds out how they came to be pack mates. On their journey they meet the O.O Crew (oni oni crew) which consisted of the younger forms of the Oni elites in the Homies universe. This crew was made up of General Tozan, Kouji, Souji, Maru, JinJing, and Badru. The O.O crew while not seen as forceful enemies but casual frenemies who guarded their territories that the simple travels pack had to past through regularly in order to move forward in their quest. This stirred a lot of quirky problems.

The original story line never finished because personally the story was in fact crackish in fiction, with no solid connection to myself which forced me not to continue. As the years went on I kept the characters in hiding and formed a new futuristic adaption to "Simple Travels" called "Homies Universe" or simply put "Homies". the past variation would serve as a back bone on the past lives of certain characters that are now in power in the Homie's current universe.

Old art from the simple travels universe from 2012-2013

Simple travels pack's original designs in their demon forms.


Misc characters from the story line


End of 2013 designs of the simple travels pack in their semi human forms


Original designs of O.O crew (old)

2nd attempted design of O.O crew 
which are now the Oni elites in Homie's universe.

The elites are now defined by breed type which helped with progression of their forms and differences. This style of creation also helped create the other clan of demons in the future revamping. They are still currently being revamped.

Simple travels is the retired version of Homie's universe.