Hello my lovelies, been long since a blog update on here but why not! After quitting my retail job, I'm getting back into the swing of art again and honestly its something I missed greatly. Nothing beats working with snarlies vs shit customers in retail.

Currently working on this lil commission for Nuregator@twitter and so far I'm very pleased with it, like beyond so. Its rare I get buns to work on much less monstrous buns! I will say this one is proving to be a problem solving challenge. Which I'm happy for its rare I get challenged on primary color type pallets so I'm trying to finesse it to work.

Here is the original file of the sketch!!!

My icons are taking a different twist into more portraits it seems. While I didn't mind doing small icons I wanted more room for recent ones for some moody reason or another. There is a more penetrating focus of the Oc and viewer which I love to create. As if the creatures are either sizing you up or ready to chew you out. Something I'm actually getting closer to achieving more with this current format.

Tiny icons are fine but the difference is very noticeable. Maybe one day I'll find a way to crunch them like this and be pleased as much as I am with portraits. Or maybe these can be two types of commissions I offer, regular icons and portrait based images.. who knows!


Thanks for reading and enjoy!!

 found some real inspo music playlist ahhh so nice to paint to