Marker fun

  • Rock on
  • Live, Laugh, Enlighten
  • Werey-of-you
  • Unbeaten Prince

These were so fun to do, but my scanner deff ate them up. I do enjoy how they look in person  >U>
3"x5" blank cards and possibly the smallest I have ever drawn. Done with some cheapo markers mixed with touch markers for shading and acrylic pens. My scanner definitely ate up the pink since its a bit hottish in color and we all know no scanner likes highlighter pink LMFAO.. An my cam is not the best but...hey at least you can see :p

better view of the uni boi cause scanner what are you doing ????

I really enjoyed the themes even though it all started as a little makeshift badge for myself but I got carried away. I wanted a prince like unicorn.. possibly rainbow bright inspired cause I did have that particular unicorn in my mind. I view them has majestic fighters...strong!! A snarly wolf cause come on why not :P and the baphomet one well.... idk that one was really in the moment and I was feeling in the mood for pink and something a bit silly yet classy.

EDIT 9/15/2021: all 3 art cards except mine(I'm keeping it ;0;) are now sold. Thank you so much!