"You're too busy saying I'm strong to the point you ignore how many times I've shattered"

Some vent art for myself since I have not been feeling too hot mentally lately.

I am some what proud of this though, since its my first ever attempt to do something remotely porcelain like into skin..eeerr fur :p. Well you know what I mean. This was both something and Idea I had for sometimes to process my thoughts but also experimental ..wing it in terms of approach.


song in repeat while I finished this

Anyways Trigger warning under the cut.... :/

Honestly been isolating both irl/online and its left me open to being in my own head. Thinking of past things I've done to my self to escape my pain that failed. Instead it's left me regretful of how selfish I could be had it worked. The many who love me I could of hurt because of my need to escape. I have nightmares of it and ghost pains from it. An I hate how I cant get over the one who forever broke me and my heart to the point I wish him nothing but pain. The same pain he put me through on every possible level..emotionally, mentally, verbally, and physically. 8 years and I feel so destroyed despite trying to heal.

 Though this image helped me process, I cant help but feel regretful for even attempting.. To give someone that power over me even when I escaped him. aaah well every bitch has their day..but I've been having my month. Time for my ass to get back to work =_=;

And naw I'm good..and I'll be fine.. don't care to talk to anyone about my past or my life..nor head space.. sometimes art is my therapy. Tis what it's there for :Y