O.O.G Reppin Sticker Project

O.O.G Reppin ( Original Oni Ganster Reppin) is a sticker project I have had in my mind since summer 2018. It is a 4 piece sticker project mixing my cultures together along with my NYC environment including it's cultures and the many personalities I've run into here.

kudos for you if you actually google the places spoken about in this blurb. Hope these stickers and info help you enjoy NYC culture with a nice twist..something that helps make your artist, me, flourish.

I finished my month long sticker project called O.O G Reppin of NYC black or black mixed coded monster boys and a bodega cat demon.. Gosh now I can RIP. This was my main sticker project for the con I'll be attending July 13 @  snug harbor Staten island. An since the con is POC hosted and funded so you know I to repp my hood...and GOD I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF!

~We have ~
(left to right)

~ 👻The bodega haunt cat demon
~👹Piranha-Jamaican/Cambodian coded Oni
~ 👹Lock Jaw- Black American/Japanese coded oni 
~👹24k Vice- puerto rican/haitian coded Oni 

This was also a personal project for me since I myself am Chinese/Jamaican mixed, Black and Asian culture is very important to me. As well as NYC and the mixing pot within it. I don't see a lot of content of black or black mixed coded monster boys and so I make it a thing to push it within my work for self love of myself. An adding a lot of NYC flare and characteristics in their bios to help you relate to each of these guys and the NYC culture I'm born an raised in makes me very happy to share.

I chose the ogre/devil because it can be found in many versions within all asian cultures. An while many recognize the oni as Japan only.. I wanted to show more verse within masks type within other asian cultures. Combo that with color coding and it really makes for interesting designs. ( not to mention its the most recognized monster type)

Learn more of NYCs mixing pot and some fun subculture tidbits
in lore and as well as NYC stomping ground fun through these guys.
Thank you for supporting this project to the end!