Homies Universe: concepts + Huiliang Tan

Some demon bust scribbles I decided to do in gimp to test out brushes. These clan types are all from my homies universe. A heavenly dog tengu, a dire wolf demon and a elemental Oni. Never finished because I didn't draw these with the intention of actually making something of them. Just wanted to see how they would all look together lined up.

From private character notes

A well watched half demon who is unaware of his demonic blood is none other than Huiliang Tan. He is a highly revered monk in the new era. At only the age of 26,  Huiliang, has mastered his "spiritual" abilities fully. An caught the radar of all the elites. He is very modernized while practicing his monk powers only due to tradition and nothing more. His bloodline links back to general Lang's original pack from the old era.

What worries the wolf demon elites about this escaped blood link is that his scent can not be picked up by him or his packs that have encountered him. In fact his human scent is also not detectable, it is as if he doesn't exist if put against a wolf demon. This is highly troubling for a wolf demon since scent is language to them. Wolf demons believe a creature without scent isn't from the land of the living, if not an apparition or bad omen. A wolf demon of any caliber can not hide their scent it is unheard of. His powers are also concerning as well as his physical looks that are passable but a clear sign of being tampered. This unpredictable mix leaves the leader of the wolf demons at a loss and a bit afraid of what else such mixes can cause.  

Huiliang poses no threat to any demon of the new era like all "holy" types like himself. He is cordial and respectful to all elites and life among the region of Ningjing. However his physical looks are a bit wilder than most humans. He is said to have a mouth of all sharpened teeth different from his demonic bloodline roots. Wilder eyes than any wolf demon breed known. An his powers is that of steel, earth and lighting. All from Lang's pack are steel or earth types in element. Never two like himself since multiple elements also shows the amount of power a demon has above others. It is more unheard of any demon to have more than 2 elements, much less an electric element from his pack. Huiliang is alarming alone to him. He is more than human or demon but an entirely new evolutionary branch. 

Humans push off his looks and powers as just a blessing from the gods. That children from the gods were created different in features and gifts. What's more concerning is that Huiliang's demonic blood is not easily detectable right off the bat. His human genetics are also cloaking it which also alludes to the cloaking of his scent entirely. The scientist of Níngjìng discovered that this is in fact an evolutionary trait for survival. Though unnecessary in the new era, a human and demon mix is wildly unpredictable giving unneeded abilities to its host.

Huiliang Tan is the 9th generational grandson of a rogue dire wolf demon Zhang Wei (deceased) and a demon hunter Wang Xiu Ying (deceased). Both hunted down and killed for committing old era crimes, for defiling bloodline and creating a illegal lineage of human and demon blood mixing.