A monster in human skin from Nyc, who enjoys sweets, organs, and gross stuff.

Tainted.Sweet.Meats specializes in the strange and stylized romanticism of monstrosities. At a quick glance you are lulled into a state of curiosity and child like nativity due to the vibrancy of colors and allure. Only to realize the gravity of the true meaning within each piece. Despair, euphoria, enamor, a sense of loss and yet a place of solidity and content can be found with their work.

Sometimes their imagination stares back. Creatures of their mind wandering about waiting to snatch the viewer up. Be careful you don't snare them by staring too long, sometimes when you see them...they see you right back. Their imagination is strong and will always try to grab and devour you. Pulling you with every stoke of brush to enchant you further.

They currently reside in the borough of the boogie down Bronx, easily summoned with sweets, spiced rotted meats and cute trinkets. Try graffitiing a heart sigil within the city walls, maybe TSM will come to you bearing gifts and art. Who knows!

Artist type: Ero guro(erotic grotesque)/ occult/ dark arts/ world-building/ concept art

Names: Tainted.Sweet.Meats (污點甜肉類)
Nickname(s): tainted_meats, AsmTsm, happynothankyou

D.O.B: 01/04/1992

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