Full name: SH-en
Gender/ sexuality: ???/???
Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them/It
Size: 14"8'
Species: Demon of Vengeance
BirthPlace/Birthday: ???/ was never born
Zodiac Sign: ???

Voiceclaim: [link] (bold text for his demonic voice)

Speech quirk

"Humans are such easily manipulated your anger, you don't even know how much you gaslight yourself into thinking your crimes are for a just cause. How narcissistic of you lot..."
"Your tears are for ones born with that level of empathy to care....I do not have such I will not be merciful to your pleas."
"You have summoned me to cause pain to your own blood...kin that bare the same flesh as you... my.. my.. how humans are quick to be fickle yet claim such loyalties of false love to those at the moment. Very well, let there be no regret once my deed is done on your behalf."
"I was born from the vindictiveness' of man, my core developed from your bloodshed among your own.... I am the last one to ask for forgiveness... your arrogance for such assumptions will be my blight unto you."

personality music

General info

SH-en is also known as the deity and punisher of all humankind's dirty secret crimes. He is not born but a created demon from a human's need for revenge towards others of their own kin. While he seems calm and put together he is actually the worse out of the list of demons. He is known for his polite mannerisms but many should not be fooled by his silky sweet demeanor. Despite their blood-bound morals, he is also known for his decadence in ways of communication and business.

His personality seems aloof and nonchalant to anyone who meets him and lives to tell the tale of their encounter. Because he is human-created, he is made from the worst traits of humanity and thus acts according to said nature.

Human interaction

Summoning SH-en is actually very easy to do, he feeds off of your aggression. Be it situational towards yourself or others. You can actually unintentionally summon him without realizing it. When he is present your house is uncomfortably heavy and eerie, if not downright suffocating. Do not be fooled by his first humanoid appearance, that is not his true face.

He seems enamored with humans who are highly violent. If you reek of violence and bloodshed even in terms of headspace, he will do everything in his power to collect you and devour you. He feels consuming your hate will only make him stronger and essentially it does.

DO NOT BEHEAD HIM in an attempt to kill him. He will just grow his head back in aggravation and be very vengeful towards you. No matter what you do to try and stop him, he will make sure to rip you apart from the seams as payback. He is a very verdictive creature and will make sure to keep you alive to feel his purest agony. Once he has had his fill with your screams he will kill and devour you.

Likes: pain, violence, mental and physical decimation
Dislikes: yelling at him, being physically or verbally aggressive towards him, affection

Summoning: his sigil is an upside-down triangle in blood, silver coins
Offerings: self-injuries at his alter only made in self-aggression,

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