Full name: N-1
Gender/ sexuality: Nonbinary,???
Pronouns: They/Them
Size: 9"1'
Species: Demon of Coveting
BirthPlace/Birthday: ???/ was never born
Zodiac Sign: ???

Voiceclaim: [link] (bolded text is their demonic voice)

Speech quirk
"I can never be what you want me to be..so I will love myself in self-injury!!"
"Please show me your human love... conquer my heart..devour me entirely in unrestrained covet."
"You're not very passionate..your love is clearly false..surely I should render your flesh from your body to show you my true affections."
"I love breaking those who are mine... their submission to me is sweet. Oh, how they fluster me in such a way."

personality music

General info

N-1 is a creature that derives their life force from self pain, be it infliction to self or seeking out human lovers they know will never love them unconditionally. They are supernatural being that couldn't have come into existence without the help of humans. Human suffering through unrequited love created them. 

Do not be fooled by their pretty words, they love nothing more than to hunt humans to eventually grow bored of them and rip them apart. Their entire body is a walking weapon. They are entirely nude, even their faux heels are attached to their flesh. This is a part of themselves they severely hate. While they despise their femininity in every form be it body and more, they covet the femininity in humans. When they are in a state of mania their hair tends to attack itself, ripping away at their own skin to find relief from whatever is distressing them.

Their compacity for love is not human and is linked to extremes. Like most demons, their body and words are their absolute weaponry against mankind. A human should never try to love this creature because it will be their eventual demise.

Human interaction

N-1 is a highly coveting creature, with humans, they become entranced with the idea of a human versus the human themselves. They are enamored by a human's fragility and volatile emotional state of mind. There is something broken and yet complete about a human, that demons like N-1 enjoy. N-1 is entranced by their sense of choice, while they follow basic instincts, humans do not... humans are able to learn beyond it. An N-1 covets this nature of them.

With a human, they don't understand how a demon's body functions..... a human could easily succumb to their form of love. They give pretty words to their human lovers and reward them with bodily lacerations and even death. N-1 claims this is how they show their love for said human and they wish for a said human to do the same to them. Though no human can truly conquer N-1, let alone cause a fatal blow to kill them. This angers N-1 to react violently to destroy and render them human, just to search for another who can fulfill their needs.

N-1 claims if said human loved them enough said human would inflict the same pain they inflict on them. To show they truly love them unconditionally...

Likes: Human flesh, body worship, submission of others, self-lacerating, devouring lovers, women, coveting humans, collecting lovers
Dislikes:  Their femininity, the dominance of a man

Summoning: Negativity in relationships, the sexual obsession with the flesh, coveting another, salt surrounding a bed or resting place
Offerings: sexual rituals, gold, goat hearts, self inflictions at their alter