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Hmmm? What's this, another gallery page? Why yes, it is!  A part of my gallery I won't take too seriously. Somewhere I can post and also jabber about my art a bit like the good ol days. Also, a place where I can post gift art, trades,  and personal art I won't post anywhere else in my gallery. I'll keep this part of my gallery more up to date while I archive the rest over time as years go by but this will be an actual labeled timeline with my work. It's honestly about time I did this.

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11. Best Friends CLR - this really was a tester doodle. There is so much that I am unsure about when it comes to this doodle. but it is a doodle for a reason and my archive is not for solely polished pieces. I learned some things but made a huge mistake on the black part I was able to fix... some mistakes elsewhere.  As I said, a lot of lessons were learned.

Im still going to practice more and see what I come up with but a gift for my friend Rudra kitty who loved it so that's what's important. 

This year I want to focus on traditional and fundamentals alongside my digital. It is waaaay overdue. I will also be slowing down on my commission intake sadly after this year so I can focus on personal. PD: 3/2/2024


10. Pathfinder to the stars - Man this is an older piece that is featured on my front page buuuuuuuuut still one of my most prized ones since working with black or even white hues is hard as hell for me. An yes hues, not colors you bimbos LMFAO

This is my husky spirit character, I always wanted to do a personal portrait piece for myself for a while now. This one is of a husky pup blessed by the stars. Chosen to lead and help others in need. I wanted to do something cute for once for myself and honestly, I am super happy with the results.

I need to draw a full-body for him he isn't an anthro and I just need something non-furry for myself to use for positive vents. He likes to help those in need who are lost both physically, mentally, and emotionally, the light star on his forehead  flare shines brightly to guide you from your negativity. Path finder can also poof into a cluster of stars at will to teleport. PD: 2/9/2024


9. Ode to me -   A personal good vent piece of my sona showing off their scars and pain to show growth. I have been through a lot for the past 2 years but in doing so it seems once I moved out on my own, started my life, and got married everything changed for the better. An though my bleeding past still surfaces at times ..TIS BUT A SCRATCH (lmfao yes that's a monty python joke). I got the nashing bite and fight of a 1000 suns for the future.

An yes, my sona is growing with me with my transition and looking a bit different. That doesn't mean my old look is not valid. Still going to use for my world building but This is Pretty boi's look vs my sona prior pre transition.

Anyways... funny enough this was originally drawn on copy paper. Colored with markers, colored pencils, and acrylics mixed with watercolor. The fact the paper kept its shape without so much as warping or scrunching up is beyond me. But I was sweet-talking this paper so maybe success : p
I hope to do more pieces like this in the future personally. Though my scanner butchered this and I tried to save it which I kinda did it was beyond washed out when I first scanned it >_<;;  PD: 2/8/2024


 8. Glimps in you Sketch - Yes a sketch because I intend to possibly paint this digitally but for right now I am pleased with the bare bones of the image. this is gift art for Rudrakitty. Done in colored pencils and markers and some ink pens with an acrylic pen of their sona who is a wolf/tiger hybrid.  Along with their agren chibi on their head.

I'm personally not supposed to be drawing after top surgery but bruh I'm fucking bored... well over a week of post-op. I'm bored out of my mind. A Mfer can sleep but so much and watch TV but for so long. I NEED TO DRAW *foams at the mouth*.

 This took me a few days to finish sketch-wise because I was taking my time and making sure  I was okay. Though I have to say for someone who has to chill out I did a pretty good job all bandaged and banged up. Things originally was slightly off but I managed to save this sketch that was originally botched x.o;;;  PD: 2/5/2024


7. Year of the Werebitch - tbh Im glad I found this. I did this last year on Halloween while watching the howling movies. I just love how The female weres look in this era. gotta be one of my fave displays of werewolves in movie history. anyways a random fem were pissed off for you interrupting her meal. SUCH IS LIFE. RIP

Since this is my art dumping corner I don't mind posting none sketchbook sketches here actually. I don't feel everything has to be colored to be seen as postable and I'm trying to get out of the Needs-to-be-done mentality to be considered art with my own stuff. Plus I love raw sketches. PD: 1/22/2024


6. Very miffed much pout - Nothing too big just a head shot doodle I found and decided to color since I liked it so much. Not in an actual pissy mood but I've been told I have a perpetual scowl even when I'm happy or just thoughtful. So that's funny. I guess my fursona shares the same sentiment when I draw them. It tends to be the default emote sheeesh. PD:12/30/2023


5. Narci-Prey -  Something done out of vent while listening to Combichrist- Enjoy the abuse on repeat. Leh sigh... nothing bad going on in my life. Life is great but regular depression was hitting hard. Finally finished it after receiving great news tho so that's funny. :'D

My fursona looking at a shadow of their former self... yuh know that good shit. Nothing too deep.. not hard to let go of but at the same time it's the reality of the situation. good to have some personal art for myself that is strictly feelings.  I rarely do that but glad to be drawing in this manner again after a huge break from this type of stuff. PD:12/29/2023


4. Thrice the fox - Something I had originally drawn back when I lived in Nyc. I drew a doodle of 3 foxes from memory on the MTA train in pencil and once I got home I inked it with Sharpies and let it be back in April 2019. 

Had some time to actually go through my sketchbook folder and get to work coloring a few days ago and finally finished.  I also loved this doodle I'm finally happy I could finish it. MMMMnyuh foxes muh fave animal 4 EVA. 


3. Husbandoooos - Little chibis of my sona and my husband's sona. Reused the old mockup reference for him to put near mine.

 I haven't been posting too much since cons and partying has taken up my time but tbh glad I got this done so I can start finishing up some work that needs to be posted. Just wanted something for me and my love tho. Nothing much but us being total FREAKS. PD:12/23/2023


2. RAWR means I love you in dinosaur - Gift doodle for kiwith over on my discord server of their scene puma Oc. Honestly had so much drawing this while listening to Literal Legend - Ayesha Erotica on loop. Drew them in the best way I could remember all my scene friends in high school on how they used to dress and good lord the eye straiiiiiiiiin but we miss the cringe don't we : p

For this I felt like drawing them a bit more fine-lined as a tribute on how the scene furs back in the early 2000's used to draw them..which proved harder than I thought. I will never understood how they were able to do it for every piece back in my DA days but pulled it off as best as I could..... 

THAT GIR BACK PACK IS GIVING ME GOD DAMN FLASH BACKS of high school hallways being crowed af and people doing the jerk dance in yo god damn way trying to get to class LMFAO PD:10/6/2023


 1. Ayyyy papi chibi refferz- A little doodle for my yummy fiance. Yeah I know engaged!!! Who knew this kitty fox would stop hoeing am I right. No more boy toys for me ;p I'm leh off the market. It really is just a fast scribble to get his markings down since I am still working on the many scribbles I have of him... yet didn't have any colors in mind at the time until now X_x; 

Anyhoots, he is a vampiric skunk cause he's a bit of a biter IRL hubba hubba!! Lucky me. He loves red, black, and white and what a perfect blend if not my favorite colors ever. Perfect match!  PD:10/5/2023


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