Full name: Shihong
Gender/ sexuality:  ???/ ???
Size: 9'5"
Pronouns: He/they
Species: penghou/ Father spirit
BirthPlace/Birthday: China/???

Voiceclaim: [link]

Speech quirks

"You speak of protection, yet hurt your own offspring..may you find peace and contentment in hell.."
"There is no place for the likes of are undeserving .. UNDESRVING..UNDESERVING..!!"
"Do you not fear me young one? Please do not stray far from my protective grounds. you're safe here"
"A gift? For me? I am truly undeserving... I am blessed with such a lovely offering young one"

personality music

General info

Shihong is a creature born of rage and love, two extremes. They protect children from unkind adults. Shihong is attracted by the malicious intent of the adult and the fear the child gives off. Said fear causes him to locate the source in order to stop it. Shihong is a beast of myth or so some adults believe. He is a beast of lore to warn adults to be kind to those defenseless and their own young. Shihong is no myth and will make itself known to those who are ill-willed.

When an adult harms a child Shihong is summoned by the negativity of said situation. They are in an untamed mode to devour what causes said child pain. First, said adults will see bloody paw prints around their home usually outside until it gets closer and inside the house. They will smell a putrid odor of decaying flesh and heavy sweet spice. Soon the adult will start to notice old tribute coins randomly placed in their house. At this time, chimes can be randomly heard throughout the day. Only the adult of said hauntings can hear this, no one else.

This is what is called Shihong's haunt. He wants to mentally mess with his prey, to cause hurt and pain to them before they strike. In the final days of the haunt, said adult begins to have violent nightmares. Waking up with canid scratches along with various parts of their body. Lastly chanting... this is a chant of peace. While Shihong is what they are, they are a beast of duality and send off said adult's spirit to the afterlife before killing and devouring them physically. Their entirety is to be judged severely, Shihong does not believe you deserve peace if you harm a child.

With children, Shihong is the exact opposite of rage. He is shy, and timid and tends to keep a slight distance while keeping a watchful protective eye on them. If they choose to play in his forests or by him, he will stand guard if they are without supervision. Children tend to bring him offerings in order to coax him, to get close, or even speak to him. It takes time for him to get close enough for them to pet him or talk to him, but he eventually does allow it. He adores the company of children overall, it puts his soul at peace.

Likes: protecting children, rotted meat with spice, coin offerings, sleeping
Dislikes: abusive adults, children being mistreated, dogs

Misc info
  • Can be found wandering down dirt paths at night near forests.
  • Loves coins or spiced meat offerings.
  • Will lead children back to safety or out of his woods back to their home.
  • Children often refer to them as bàba (Father) or gēge (Older brother)
  • Shihong can be seen head bowing and beckoning children to get close in order to interact with them once he feels secure they do not fear him.
  • Bloody paw prints can be seen where children congregate the most to play. It's a warning to ill-willed adults to stay back. Only ill-willed adults can see these prints.
  • He doesn't know how to react to children crying. He will teleport back and forth with odd gifts or food to make them smile.
  • He is known to pop up randomly, it is said this beast has the power of teleportation.
  • In some small towns, he is folklore to keep adults in line.
  • When walking the dirt path at night, adults can hear his chimes and Shihong muttering aimlessly.."Leave me alone", "Go away" or "Do not trespass".
  • His jaw unhinges in attack mode, children never see this form.

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