Jìjìng the Void Ghoul

Full name: Jìjìng (寂静)
Gender/ sexuality:  genderfluid/ pansexual
Pronouns: He, they
Size: 6'1"
Species: Void Ghoul

Voiceclaim: [link] (regular voice), [link] (in a aggressive state)

Speech quirk

"you want to be my friend? How interesting...."
"you look beautiful today.. and you smell enchanting as well.. very tempting to eat even.. haha"
"sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry....."
"Plz get away from me..get away....get..GET AWAYYYYYyyyyy FRooooOm meeEEEeee"

personality music


General info

Jìjìng is a very special void ghoul. Unlike most of his kind, he has an interest in humans. Not just any interest like his kind naturally does. He wants what his kind can't offer. Which is bonds and emotional connection. His kind tends to only come around each other to breed which can be violent and one time interactions. It is unknown why Jìjìng wants more. It is believed that its due to the fact of how humanoid he is or the fact he dwells within the city watching humans more so than his kind does.

Jìjìng has had many interactions with humans, be it for food or for his interests. When making a friend Jìjìng is watchful. He tends to like good natured people. Those who show compassion and selfless acts will always gain the attention of Jìjìng. He will make his presence more noticeable by mimicking the voices of those said human trusts to see if they will react to the direction the call came from. At this rate Jìjìng's interest is peaked.

His aura is naturally alluring to a human, being strange in countenance. Most may interact with him first not realizing he was always there watching them for some time. He may not talk at first because he is trying to mentally gather stored information on said human. An the best way to interact with them in fear of scaring them off. He talks mumbled at best to avoid showing off his stained teeth. The eyes in his hair tend to stay shut to avoid giving his non-human figure away.

At this rate after grabbing the humans attention he seems some what aloof and quiet while the human chatters on softly about mundane things he doesn't understand much. In the processes he is learning about their kind. An slowly gaining interest with said human. An while his hunger can be invasive he enjoys their company and doesn't see them as food at this point. He becomes very protective of them, their needs, and even enjoys the sound of their voice as long as its not loud for long periods of time.


A void ghoul's natural language is grunts, growls, snorting and lays heavy in body language. They also communicate with touch and examination. They are awfully good mimics and chances are if they speak to you, the voice they have is possibly from a past victim. Eating body parts help them mimic as well. The true form of an original void ghoul is not humanoid in origin. The more humans they eat, the more they assimilate to help them better survive and get closer to their food source. Eating the voice box and tongue helps them pick up language very well. They naturally have auditory mapping to mimic sounds or the voices their prey trusts if they hear it.

The best way to avoid a ghoul of his kind is to make sure to listen to a trusting call for more than 3 times. A ghoul never calls its prey past 3. It is unknown what that number means to them, but if a true human is calling you they will continue to do so and get closer to you as they call you. A ghoul will  lure you to them with a mock voice of those you trust in hopes of you falling for it.

Affection & Relationships

When Jìjìng is finally given affection such as hugs, physical closeness, kisses, or something suggesting more. He can get slightly panicked. He is in the age range where ghouls do breed but he is mentally not there. A ghouls peak is around 500-530 in age to show any form of interest beyond basic needs. As for humans he does not fully grasp them or the fast turn around they have for such acts. He can play hard to get unknowingly by keeping his distance. An he only acts this way when he smells a particular spicy scent off of said human. He is not interested at best for this since he is only 525 years of age. This is normal for his age. They are very fickle at this point of their life.

He can still give affection. Once the human is aware of what he is and still accepts him, he shows affection the only way a ghoul knows how to. Bringing back kills for them to show they are good enough. He guttural growls to push comfort to said human he has interest in. The growling is very low in tone and can some what mimic purring. The purring seems to be of the same frequency that tigers and lions give off when content.

He will try to scent mark said human by rubbing on them to fend off other ghouls from trying to attack his human. A warning that he will brutally attack others of his kind for trespassing. The scent from his plasma hair is calming to those that like him but putrid to others who have ill will towards him or anyone scented with his personal smell. 

Jìjìng is also slightly panicked with women from the human species. He assumes they are like his own. Violent when interested. An a male void ghoul has to keep on his toes when interacting. He assumes that like his own they will become vicious, demanding and even physically challenging to force him to show what he is worth to them. A void ghoul female is much bigger physically and do bully the males away from hunting grounds and living territory that have more of their food source on it.

While a human is smaller in size to him it is just mentally ingrained instinct wise that a female with interest wont think twice on taking his life. So the sudden interest can give him slight anxiety. He tends to calm down once said human shows affection versus a challenge or fight that could end him. He tends to forget that humans and void ghouls are not the same at all. But you can't fault him, he is a creature driven naturally by instinct.

Once with said human he tends to be at peace trying to get used to their ways and even food. Even though human food tastes good it gives him no nutritional value what so ever. Jìjìng will humor his human interest with doing human things just to see them happy. He is a very simple creature at best.

Natural Instincts vs Self Indulgence

Though Jìjìng loves humans, he can't help but..love them a bit too much. He makes off handed comments on how they smell and forgets telling a human they taste great isn't the best compliment. It's very hard for him to make friends with one of his kind much less with humans since they are very very noisy creatures. But due to his ghoulish nature he is naturally drawn to them due to them being a food source for his kind. Unlike other ghouls... He wants more than sustenance from a human.

He sees how humans interact with each other..embraces, kisses, holding hands, even uttering sweet vows of lasting love. It's something he curiously yearns for. Due to his humanoid like features. He tends to pass off as some edgy person..unknowing to humans he's very far from that. He has made friends before but they don't last too long.

It's not like he doesn't try to keep friends, but sometimes hunger gets the better of him. An even worse something he can't truly control..his reaction to noise. Most void ghouls hate excessive, unbalanced and erratic noises. It causes them to be violent and have the need to get rid of whatever is making the noise, permanently. In this state they truly seem inhuman in origin.  

Lucky for said human, if they pay attention they can tell his moods by how his mock plasma hair reacts. Usually in a state of near aggression his multi-eyes will zero in on whatever is causing the distress. It will start to move and slightly separate. If said human is not careful and doesn't realize what their noise is doing it will lash out grab them. The last thing they will see is a cage of eyes before the noise causes the chamber to explode taking the life of said human and Jìjìng's head with it.

His head comes back together after his fit of rage but the friend doesn't come back. Once He is back to normal he is filled with regret and a voracious yearning to be close. His memory of you is gone by then though. It's very tragic since in this state he is confused, angry, alone, depressed and horribly hungry. He will end up eating said friend who was caught it the explosion. Not realizing it was a human they have befriended or even loved in his own way.

Memory issues

Being close and having the devotion of a void ghoul can be rewarding but ...they do suffer from memory issues due to the rage fits they get. After each head explosion they tend to forget who their friends or close ones are. It's a tragic cycle for a void ghoul, which is why so many of his kind are loners. They tend to hate the burning pain of unremembered loss and just submerge themselves in hunger to forget the pain.

A gentle reminder can ensure your safety back into their heart. That is if you didn't cause the explosion or some how miraculously avoided it. While they might of forgotten for a short time, jog their memory with something meaningful. Maybe your void ghoul gave you a special gift? Show it to them. They usually give gifts that have meaning to them or their kind. Have something with their scent on it, maybe they made you borrow a shirt of theirs for this very reason, if they are about to attack you show them the shirt first. They may smell it for a while before looking at you in confusion and roughly tackling you in a hug. While trying to remember you. In doing so they cover you with their scent in hope they don't forget you ever again.

A sure fire way if you don't have the first 2  items on  you is to say their name 3 times. A void ghoul never gives out their name unless it is some one they have great devotion to. These creatures believe it is a powerful thing and who ever has it could control them. Usually during a mid attack on said human if they say the ghouls name 3 times..the creature will stop dead in its,tracks confused. Trying to figure out how do you know it and if they knew you prior. In doing so they will sniff around you. Usually your scent without them being in a state of rage will jog their memory of you as well. This will result in them making a grunt like cry in a panic that they almost killed you.

They will slowly make their way towards you, scared that you will run from them. If anything they can be caught making that off purring sound in order to coax you back to them. Signalling that they are harmless to you. The purring seems pained and very strained after all the fuss. In a state of confusion and pain they will try to get back into your good graces anyway possible.

These poor creatures are very much emotionally volatile and once they remember you they can become overjoyed and then sad because they almost ate someone they cared for. They become attentive and clingy afterwards. They will bring you gifts throughout the remembering period, even miscellaneous pieces of flesh to feed you. I would just take it and say you will eat it later just to be polite at their efforts.

Jìjìng, while special, is not the only one of his kind with his nature and interests. As time progresses and modernizes, void ghouls have a natural need to progress and adapt which makes his kind as well as himself complicated on many levels.

Likes: Quiet spaces, dark areas, flesh of any kind, affection, quiet talk, metal music, rhythmic tempo
Dislikesloud noises, crowded spaces, aggressive friends, being yelled at, being pushed away