Full name:  Dream Eater or mâe
Species: Dream beast/ Mother spirit
Height: 8 ft
Gender/ sexuality: ???/ ???
Pronouns: She/her
BirthPlace: south asia

Voiceclaim: [link] 

Personality Music

Speech quirk 

" Hello little one, are you lost? Fear not.. none shall harm you in my presence"
"Vermin ...that prey on something so innocent and defenseless. YOU SHALL BE DEVOURED!"
" You can see me...? Interesting..maybe you are childlike at heart... rare one aren't you?
"Oh no... how could someone abandon a cub as precious as you..no worries you're mine now."

General info

Dream Eater is lore most adults tell their children in order for said child to feel safe and lull them to sleep. Unknown to most adults she is very real, they just can not see her. This creature is the reincarnation of mothers who have died during childbirth. So she yearns to nurture and be near children constantly. She can not have children of her own because she is the only one of her kind.

Children can see her massive form in the fields or forests as she struts leisurely about. She tends to lazily pass through villages at night, peeking through the windows of children, checking on every home to make sure each child is at peace. If they are awake and see her, she grins at them. She Coos at them to be silent as she checks around their room to make sure she doesn't see sids lurking about.

When adults abandon their children for whatever reason, Dream eater takes them away. It is said children raised by her tend to have extreme luck into their adulthood. They are blessed with extraordinary lives and wellness in health. Though with all of this they lose thier memory of her, she isn't bothered by this. She checks on her adopted young even if they are grown and can not see her. When they are about to pass they see her one last time and regain their memory of her fully. She will lay at their side until they pass. Once they pass she is known to cry and frequent their graves. Most older adults who believe in her lore, believe gravestones with the ripest and biggest durian near them is said to be the deceased child of Dream eater. It is said she gives offering to her dead young in remembrance of them.

Lore states when a child that is not her own passes, be it from sickness or untimely death. The inhuman wails of a woman can be heard close by, bellowing in anguish. She feels unknown pain not only from the mother of the said child but from the child who lost themselves. She tries her best to prevent this pain and children from being lost too early in life. Though uncommon, she is also known to attack adults who have ill will towards children.

Likes: Children, durian, spiced tea, playing with children, lotus flowers
Dislikes: Hurt children, abusive adults, sid demons

Misc info
  • She eats the bad dreams of children and eats demonic creatures that cause harm to children in their sleep
  • She devours little demons that cause S.I.D.S to infants. 
  • She can be seen leading lost children back on the path home before disappearing.
  • She can not produce children so she protects ones that are not her own.
  • She is the size of an ox and adores human children... Big mom type!
  • Her singing is hypnotic and can put any child to rest without worry or fear.
  • Her stripes help her disappear within the thick foliage from adults, only children and pure of heart can see her.
  • She can produce milk. 
  • Her tail has 2 forms, strike, and weeping. Children only ever see the weeping tail. It has a silly face and makes cooing noises to smaller infants as it plays with them. Strike looks deadly and attacks demons or adult humans who have the intention of attacking children. Its bite is highly toxic.
  • Many children who see her and get close to her refer to her as mâe (mother)
  • Her offerings are durian, fresh sweet milk with spice, spiced tea, and lotus flowers. Though she loves whatever a child brings her.
  • Rare, but has been known to adopt abandoned children.
  • She does not sleep

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