"If we are what we eat,
I could be you tomorrow"

Woo this was a simple rage doodle that turned into a full piece cause I got carried away with it and really like how it was looking from how the head started. However still fiddling with my scanner since it acts up with certain pigments I work with, but good old cam pics do come in handy.

You guys wouldn't believe how many of my shading markers actually shit on me during this piece and I was lucky I was able to use the drying markers to my advantage. I really don't like to waste supplies @_@;.... but sometimes those dry markers definitely comin in with the clutch to help push fur texture.

This were form isn't my sonas masc doppelganger's. So its just my Nb form having a rage/bitch fit...who ever ran into them most likely pissed them off. Ah well its always best not to piss off a full moon bitch LMFAO

Marker fun

  • Rock on
  • Live, Laugh, Enlighten
  • Werey-of-you
  • Unbeaten Prince

These were so fun to do, but my scanner deff ate them up. I do enjoy how they look in person  >U>
3"x5" blank cards and possibly the smallest I have ever drawn. Done with some cheapo markers mixed with touch markers for shading and acrylic pens. My scanner definitely ate up the pink since its a bit hottish in color and we all know no scanner likes highlighter pink LMFAO.. An my cam is not the best but...hey at least you can see :p

better view of the uni boi cause scanner what are you doing ????

I really enjoyed the themes even though it all started as a little makeshift badge for myself but I got carried away. I wanted a prince like unicorn.. possibly rainbow bright inspired cause I did have that particular unicorn in my mind. I view them has majestic fighters...strong!! A snarly wolf cause come on why not :P and the baphomet one well.... idk that one was really in the moment and I was feeling in the mood for pink and something a bit silly yet classy.

EDIT 9/15/2021: all 3 art cards except mine(I'm keeping it ;0;) are now sold. Thank you so much!