Vampiric babes



Some info on my main squeeze. Tis my bf's sona since he isn't a furry and had to make him something very fitting. He is more vampiric and a mimicker of forms. Something to correlate since we're are from the same goth/night life scene in nyc. 

The lore for him is since my sona is more anthropomorphic, he took a form to make them more comfortable. His actual form can only be seen through one of his powers called "true face" where a vampire reveals their actual shape and body.

He has the head and upper body of a wolf, nose of something reptilian, serpent tail, a forked snake tongue, eyes of a goat, legs of a horse and hooves that are cloven, and the zebra patterns are a nice touch when in high grass and forest areas.. An he blinks like a gator so that's nifty, double lids FTW :B

When in feral form he doesn't howl, but hisses like a alligator. Which makes many who see him from afar weary of what they are actually seeing at first.

He needs blood to survive but once he is hooked on the blood of his lover... he is a bit unhinged. Lover's blood seems to make him very stable but also beyond vulnerable. Which he does not like being in such a position.

Sketchbook fun

I'm getting through my sketchbook slowly and fixing up sketches with color to actually post. Not really used to sharing all my art but meh something to do during lock down. Also working on my sona's actual bio with their mini universe. So this will take me a bit but I'm almost done ( not too long tho). Since all I have to do is color a bit more pieces before releasing their page publically. So enjoy these instead. I'll be using these for the bio page except for the last one.

A doodle I wanted to use to experiment a bit more with colors ect. But also a sneak peak of my sona's masc polymorphic doppelganger at the bottom :'^) 
Yeah we already know my sona's cannon storyline gonna be dark. Nothing new there lol.

More experimenting and to show their attitude more. I think I got em down at least. Since their pretty no nonsense and full of sassy vulgarity. A blend of toon and semi real toonish stuff mixed in. Much edge..

Tbh this was just done for fun and strictly expermination.
 They don't actually have a cannon taur form but I wanted to draw a taur so bad. So my sona was a good guinea pig. Messed with a semi toon style and an extremely toony style for this just to work a bit faster. Me gusta!!

Finally I feel comfy with a coloring style just to push out my sketchbook work. I love painting but woo that takes up way too much time and I doodle way too much.