Dark Pretty Boi Comfort


Introducing Sasha (FTM) which is just a revamp of my sona really since Im sporting a beard and stash now. Along with their mane actually showing in their anthro form throughout their hair. They are also nicknamed "Pretty Boi".

A doodle done about two months ago that I decided to color and practice on and also show him off a bit. He's not too different but fitting to how I look more irl. Deff gonna see more of him. He is not part of my sona's canon lore just me irl. My s sona's previous look is now just canon lore and for story purposes so yay so no scrappy.

Anyways Pretty Boi being a grumpapotamus sulking but also being protective of a particular comfort. Who knows what it actually is or represents but whatever it is... NO TOUCHY!!

Inspired by this song on repeat

Till next time

lylat-wars project


A project I did work for majic records. For their new album. Each is a cover for those on the tracks/producers mainly. It is also Starfox-themed. Which I adore since I love the games growing up so It was amazing getting to work with this group. This project was so fun to work on and a lot of work went into each piece trying to capture each personality of each person and their personas/fursonas