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Brought back my emo/scene sona marshmallow the fennec fox(aka Marsh), I made her in 2005. Back when Scene/sparkledogs were cool. :'^)

Having some fun with my roomie galaxyowls oc princess carpal tunnel, of our sonas singing edge tunes and being pissy E-lords with their BF. We decided to make em girlfriends for the joy of it all. They just party and step on their twink bf in their poly relationship. HE LOVES IT shhhhh.

Me an my roomie are just nostalgic of a fur-time that was IMHO wild af an just plain fun.
well tis the rawring 20's XD after all so why not.

Our AU

They all live together in a house Princess carpal tunnel (Abi) inherited from their family and have fun times together. Literally no actual plot. Princess and Marrsh are madly in-love. They met at a BOTDF concert. They quickly bonded over each others fashion and were enamored ever since. Marsh moved in 4 months after they started dating.

 Marsh ran into their now bf after bumping into him in a coffee shop. Spilling her grande mocha java coco supreme cap all over his tripp pants. In a goofy attempt to say sorry, she grabbed napkins to clean off his pants. Only to to discover something worth while. Welp tripp pants hide more than legs. An what Aiden was packing Marsh instantly loved. He's also a dotting bf and to our little attention hog that dug into her heart instantly.

Marsh is the sassier of the 2 in her poly, a sugar baby at heart and while older at the age of 28, An Abi 25.. she still acts like the prissy princess she is. She is less mature of the two. She demands attention and if she doesn't get it tends to throw hissy fits. She is basically baby. Aiden being 32 is the calm of them and fits right into their house setup. He moved in after 2 years of dating them. He is less jumpy and not as trusting due to past relationships. A bit gloomier than his tri-ship but he still loves his girls despite their overly brash sugar demeanor. They just balance him out out in the right ways.

BONUS page: their edge-lord goth BF Aiden. He probably spams marilyn manson or some type O negative to get his mood going. Most likely as a teen said "IT'S NOT A PHASE" to his mom when he asked her to take him to hot topic as a batling. Look at him now, edgy as ever in his early 30's. He loves his Gfs but he is forever a bottom :'^)...such is life.

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chibi doodle of my sona doing what they do best.

Just a silly chibi doodle to mentally work out the loss of cutting out toxic friends. Sometimes some friends arn't worth the trouble irl. Even more so when they are bigoted. Doesn't mean cutting off those connections don't hurt. It still do.. it be like that tho :/

oh well..big woof..

 was gonna color but tbh I do like the rawness of the sketch vs its actual color vrs.. so decided to trash it and just keep it as a sketch