★Kewpie Galore★

Since 2006 I've been a huge fan of tarako kewpie. They are very rare and super hard to get. I know a few sellers but even then it can get pricey if you don't know how to dig. I tend to stay away from Ebay at best because the prices are always jacked up. I mean rightfully so, its a mascot over a decade old that is no longer made, but still ..$60-$90 for a plush??? Not even worth it for me. I'm very lucky to get sellers directly from Japan to actually purchase them though. Even more so when said sellers sell tarako kewpie in sets.

What is tarako kewpie?

Tarako kewpie was a cute mascot idea to make unattractive cod fish eggs sell-able.
It was originally for Kewpie brand codfish roe sauce. Kewpie dolls, always being popular around the world since the 20th century, it was no surprise this became just as popular in Japan as a mascot not only for roe sauce but other food items as well.

★Here is some of my collections so far.★
  I have to say these plushies are extremely soft and almost velvet like to the touch. Even the rubber faces are soft! And really can make you happy just by the touch alone. I love them.

I also have general kewpie as well as sausage, and banana kewpie.

And the originals of course
these are from 1974 making them over 40 years old

I'm beyond excited for my next haul that should be coming soon It will be full of new tarako kewpie merch. One in particular which is a 2006 tarako kewpie music box which I've been trying to get my hand on for years. As well as a ton of gloomy bear which was something else I wanted for a very long time.