♥Fun Haul♥ 2/3

More rare items ahhhh
 Very happy to own more tarakos and even more so gloomy bears.
So this round I got a ton of duplicates. What can I say I'm very addicted to owning tarako kewpie that one simply isn't enough for me. I even got some official licensed mori chack officials.

A close up of all the mini items

The holy grail of Kewpie!!!
I got a ton more tarako and banana kewpie this round. I even got an extra free banana kewpie in my order. An while it has a defect on the face, it's still very much loved. I'm also happy that I now own a tear drop tarako kewpie. These are extremely rare on their own and I now own 2...Talk about luck!


My collection grows slowly
Super excited for haul 3 ❤